REVIEW: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

Expectations. Sometimes it’s hard to live up to them.

And in the cutthroat world of corporate business, one knows that quality is oftentimes sacrificed in the name of practicality, especially when deadlines loom.

Lost in the middle of all of this are fans, people who are expected to drop large sums of hard-earned cash for what they hope will be an excellent product. Their hopes and expectations are stoked by companies that put as much window dressing and happy-sunshine-rainbows around their product leading up to launch date in order to maximize early sales, when said item is priced at its most expensive.

Ah, capitalism.

In short, welcome to the tragedy and FUBAR mess that is Aliens: Colonial Marines – Sega’s dead-on-arrival first-person shooter that’s available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Macomb man wins $1.04 million in lottery's 'Good Life' game

A 47-year-old construction worker from Macomb is the first person in the state to win a top prize — in this case $1.04 million — in a new suite of four Lottery instant games called “The Good Life.”

The Illinois Lottery announced Saturday that Larry Roberts and his wife, Shelley, drove to Springfield on Monday to present a winning $1 “The Good Life” ticket to lottery officials. Roberts said his mother, Patty Ballard, passed away last month after a long illness. He said he believes his mom’s spirit was “looking out for the family” before the win.

The news release said Roberts bought the $1 ticket Feb. 9 at the CENEX convenience store, 901 W. Jackson in Macomb. After scratching the ticket in the parking lot, Roberts walked back into the store, where he hugged the clerk who verified his win, and then telephoned his wife, who was in Peoria at the time, with the good news.
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Early retirement option gets tepid initial response at Glendale Unified

Just two weeks short of a deadline for attracting Glendale Unified 75 employees into early retirement to minimize the scope of layoffs later this year, district officials this week reported that just nine have applied for the offer.

The incentive entails a teacher being paid 50% of their base salary over the course of five years, or the employee’s lifetime, in addition to health benefits.

Out of the pool of 1,290 employees that include teachers, nurses or counselors, about 350 are eligible for the early retirement plan.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui

Title: Emmanuelle Chriqui reveals her beauty must-haves and style icons

When Emmanuelle waltzed into our interview (fresh off the red carpet from the Golden Globes), she looked absolutely radiant in a super-hot Max Mara jumpsuit and sky-high black heels, beyond excited to chat with us about her beauty must-haves and what drives her style choices.

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Skylanders Giants Wii U is The Definitive Version

Since I reviewed Skylanders Giants at launch there have been plenty of further developments. With the first two waves of figures under our belt now, my kids are turning their attention to wave 3 and wave 4. They are eternally trying to second guess each other about which Giants, light-core and series 2 Skylanders will hit store shelves next.

Beyond the figures themselves there has also been some new Skylanders games on different platforms. The new Skylanders Battlegrounds game for the iPad extends the game-play and functionality of Skylanders Cloud Patrol and Skylanders Lost Islands. The main novelty here is the provision of a Bluetooth portal (as predicted) for the iPad that lets you bring characters into the game as you do on the console version.
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Zynga Confirms It Will Close Its Japan Operation At The End Of January As Consolidation Continues To

Social gaming giant Zynga has now confirmed that it will be closing down its Japan operation, as it continues to consolidate its operations and cut less profitable parts of its business. The spectre of pulling out of that market was first raised in October when the company laid off 5% of its employees. Today, the CEO of the Japan operation, Kenji Matsubara, posted the news confirming the closure, (ironically) on Facebook, the social network that has been so closely tied to Zynga’s rise and fall.

No direct reason for the closure is given but it is likely linked to poor sales for its games in Japan.
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Massive New Surveillance Program Uncovered by Wall Street Journal

When a former senior White House official describes a nationwide surveillance effort as “breathtaking,” you know civil liberties activists are preparing for a fight.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the little-known National Counterterrorism Center, based in an unmarked building in McLean, Va., has been granted sweeping new authority to store and monitor massive datasets about innocent Americans.

After internal wrangling over privacy and civil liberties issues, the Justice Department reportedly signed off on controversial new guidelines earlier this year. The guidelines allow the NCTC, for the first time, to keep data about innocent U.S. citizens for up to five years, using “predictive pattern-matching,” to analyze it for suspicious patterns of behavior. The data the counterterrorism center has access to, according to the Journal, includes “entire government databases—flight records, casino-employee lists, the names of Americans hosting foreign-exchange students and many others.”

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Women Get Exploding H2O Hairstyles in Water Wigs Part Two

Photographer Tim Tadder is a man of his word. Back in August we ran a series of his Water Wigs photos, which featured bald men getting pounded with water balloons in a way that made the exploding water look like their missing hair.

Tadder, who quickly watched that project go viral, was contacted by several people who requested women be involved in the next go ’round and he said he was more than happy to oblige.

“How awesome would that be?” was his exact response.

A little more than a month later Tadder has fulfilled that request and just uploaded the newest series of photos that feature three different women with a variety of H20 hairstyles.

Tadder says that in addition to getting millions of hits around the world, the project landed him a major commercial advertising assignment with a large company that wanted to use the concept.

“I’ve been blown away by the appreciation this work has garnered,” he says.

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Negative Imagery

Originally posted by viomisehunt at Negative Imagery
I understand, honestly I do, the challenge for Actors of color to play bad guys in film and television. Most actors perform heroes and villains brilliantly. However when it comes to television, is it possible before they agree to portray the woman beater, the thug, the prostitute, the ghetto mom, that they examine past episodes of the individual show find out if there have been any positive, romantic, and powerful images of African Americans in the shows' history?