Macomb man wins $1.04 million in lottery's 'Good Life' game
A 47-year-old construction worker from Macomb is the first person in the state to win a top prize — in this case $1.04 million — in a new suite of four Lottery instant games called “The Good Life.”

The Illinois Lottery announced Saturday that Larry Roberts and his wife, Shelley, drove to Springfield on Monday to present a winning $1 “The Good Life” ticket to lottery officials. Roberts said his mother, Patty Ballard, passed away last month after a long illness. He said he believes his mom’s spirit was “looking out for the family” before the win.

The news release said Roberts bought the $1 ticket Feb. 9 at the CENEX convenience store, 901 W. Jackson in Macomb. After scratching the ticket in the parking lot, Roberts walked back into the store, where he hugged the clerk who verified his win, and then telephoned his wife, who was in Peoria at the time, with the good news.
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